Clash Of Clans - War On Weekends

Welcome to War On Weekends! We are an active and friendly clan on Clash Of Clans that love to help beginners.

You can find us on kik: #wowcoc


8/18/15 - Hello clan.

The last thing I want to do is have a bunch of needless rules - read: I don't want to have to remember everything and attempt to run the clan like the Barbarian King's iron fist (see what I did there?) However, my job as a leader is to watch the clan and attempt to correct any issues that come along, including the indirect complaints that I see. So, take this notification not as a "rule" but something that I will allow.

We're talking donating, and the fact that we have a 1:5 (20:100) ratio. The complaint that I see is the lower level members are unable to donate because the higher level members are either 1) griping because of lower troops and 2) higher level members are requesting higher level troops. OK, let's be honest; even lower level members are requesting max troops. While that irks me, that's a rant for a different day.

I'm not going to sit here and say that people can't request a certain level of troop. However, I am going to say this: If your request sits for 15 or more minutes, your request is then void and open to be filled by whatever. I don't care if it's goblins or wallbreakers. Why 15 minutes? That's the time limit that the clan has to be able to request again. If your request runs past the 15 minutes, and you receive level 1 barbarians; trash them and request again. You're not being harmed in any way.

This helps the clan in two ways: 1) Our lower level members are now able to donate to higher levels to keep their stats in check and 2) We don't have requests in the queue for a long period of time which is a pet peeve of mine.

Also with this being said, if you are going to be logged in for a while; I would like for you to start requesting troops just to help lower levels get their stats up. Name it trash troops on the request, it doesn't matter. We're all here to help each other. Honestly, the sooner lower levels start building up, the sooner they're able to make their mark in wars.

8/9/15 - It's time to address some issues in the clan publicly. I have a hierarchy system (elder, member) for a specific reason. To recap, you earn elder by attacking twice in the war. You maintain elder by attacking twice in the war. To keep it simple, if you attack twice, you're elder. If you attack once, you're member. If you don't attack at all, you have the potential to get kicked. Elders will NEVER get kicked for specifically not attacking in the war, they will get demoted. The only time that you will get kicked from chat for anything outside of misconduct is if you are a member and you don't participate at all in the war. Yes, this puts those who are new at a specific disadvantage in the clan - however if you are new, then you should be willing to make a good impression on the leadership of the clan (and to the rest of the clan as a whole.)

If you find yourself removed from the clan for non participation in wars, please feel free to join back. I remove people to keep the clan active and to take out the guess work in assigning bases in the war. It's nothing personal, but something that I feel as leader that I have to do to keep us active.

Thank you, all of you, who do everything you can to make this clan what it is. Without you, none of this would be as awesome as it is now. -- UNF

7/19/15 - We are now a Level 4 clan!

6/21/15 - I am looking for War Leaders. A War Leader is a person who gets co-leader for a week to lead the war. A War Leader's job is to make sure everybody has troops as well as send out messages to get people to fight in the war. War Leaders are neede for the whole month of July as well as every 1st, 3rd and 5th weekend of the month. See UnFocused to be put on the War Leader list.

4/20/15 - Promotion / demotion / ejection policy explained a bit clearer.

4/15/15 - We had an extra war this week due to the COC offering double XP. Once again, we earned 400/400 XP which made us a Level 3 clan. Great job, clan! Keep up the good work!

4/12/15 - During this week, Clash of Clans is offering double war XP. So, the leadership has decided that we're going to do an extra war on Monday - Wednesday. We also earned 100% (400/400) clan XP in our last war that ended today. GREAT job, clan!

3/22/15 - After a close war against Say Hi, we are now at clan castle level 2.

3/6/15 - It seems that once we hit 15 members in the clan, we were inundated with new members. Within 30 minutes, we went from 15 members to 48. The clan was then put on Invite Only. On the next day, we had 41 members. We took the clan off of invite only and hit 50 within 30 seconds. Thank you to everybody that is helping to make this clan a success!

War On Weekends Staff:

Leader: UnFocused (kik: unfjmatt)
Co-Leader: mandybear
Co-Leader: jellybabies
Co-Leader: Goblin
Co-Leader: The Blue Ninja
War Leader: Jeremeh
War Leader: chAceofSpades
War Leader: Max Chandler
War Leader: Tylair

Our Rules:

This is a PG rated clan.
Elder is earned by activity and is given once a week.
We accept beginners and we will help you with any questions you have.
We love to donate troops and you should too. Keep your donate to receive ratios around 1:5. If you hit 100 received, you should have donated at least 20.
Do not be demanding. This should go without saying...
Elders should not kick or reject a clan join request...unless it's blatantly obvious why a kick or reject was warranted. If an elder does kick a member, please state in the clan chat why you kicked the user.
Stay Active.


Chatting in the clan chat is not required, but helpful.
If GREEN for war, you must participate in the war. If you are RED for war, but included, this does not apply to you.
Maintain a shield by the end of the war on weeks of the reset
Actively donating to other clan members


The clan is based in US Central Time Zone.
We declare war on Friday afternoons between 3pm and 4pm.
Co-Leads will donate balloons and dragons (where necessary) to war troops. Feel free to help if you wish.
There is currently not a policy on who to attack during a war.
If you are in red status for war, we may still include you for numbers. Attacking is not required while you're in red status.

To our war opponents: This is war. We attack for stars. Keep your TH secure and brace for impact.

Promotion Schedule

Co-Leader is by invitation only. Candidates for Co-Leader should show leadership in chat as well as the ability to donate more than they receive. Those who want to be a Co-Leader should show they have correct knowledge of the game including base layout and attacking strategies. When a Co-Leader position opens, an invitation will be announced in open chat and that person should accept or deny the invitation.

New / Member / Elder promotions and demotions from member to elder and vice versa is dependant on activity. Promotions, demotions and ejections in the clan is conducted during war or directly after war.

If you are new / member
Attack 0 times during war: Kicked out
Attack 1 time during war: Maintain member status
Attack 2 times during war: Promoted to Elder

If you are elder
Attack 0, 1 times during war: Demoted to member
Attack 2 times during war: Maintain elder status.

For those that are opt out of war on a consistent basis, you will have to show the ability to donate way more than you request to be considered for promotion.

Too Long, Didn't Read (TL;DR) version

Stay active.
Burn down bases

And most importantly: This is the Internet, Have Fun!