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© 2008-2010, a subsidiary of UnFocused, LLC.

Disclaimer is intended for entertainment purposes only. Information provided on our website should not be used publicly as official documentation unless it relates specifically to the site. All other information is provided by our members and is not checked for accuracy. It is up to the reader to research the information given on our website for accuracy and truthfulness. is not responsible for any of the information relayed on its system.

Privacy Policy

We collect information from our members and guests. This information includes IP addresses for all connections to our services. We also collect usernames and passwords that members enter when registering for the main website, the forum and the chat. As such, it is our policy not to share this information with anyone except for its owner. This includes any third party vendors and any unauthorized user/users. There are security checks and balances in place that members must face when retrieving passwords and usernames. If a user forgets a username or password, they may have to register a new account. This is for the user's protection. At times, we will collect phone numbers for contact purposes. We do not use these phone numbers for "cold calling" purposes. The intent and purpose of having these numbers is for support contact and to troubleshoot an issue or for official business. The user has the right not to disclose a phone number. Phone numbers are never given to any third-party service. For questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please open a support ticket or email directly.

Software and Security

The only software that we support is the "Chatter Script" posted on the UnFocused main site and the mIRC webchat. All other software is not made by us and will not be supported by the HelpDesk. We do not provide technical support for nor endorse modified versions of the Chatter Script. The only downloads that you should encounter on our website are the two applications listed in this section. We do not support nor endorse pop-up or pop-under advertising. If you are getting pop-ups or pop-unders while using our services, you may consider scanning your computer for viruses and/or spyware.

Code of Conduct

Relating to staff We at UnFocused do not condone any type of abuse towards any staff or volunteer member. Any type of verbal threat or abuse towards a staff member can and will result in immediate account suspension. This includes, but is not limited to, email, support ticket, HelpDesk and phone chat. The HelpDesk's job is not to be your best friend. Their job is to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. While we believe in customer service, we also believe there is a thin line between customer service and bending over backwards. Our staff is committed to giving the best experience possible to all members and guests involved. Staff members are bound by their own code of conduct, which is of a more strict nature. If users should encounter an issue with any member of our staff, please do not hesitate to contact the UnFocused NOC at the email listed above. Any and all complaints are taken into consideration and investigated fully. Any false complaint will be considered abuse and acted upon accordingly.

Related to everything else UnFocused does not actively monitor conversations between users except in sponsored rooms and forums. For user created rooms, it is up to the room's owner and their selected hosts to monitor and discipline their room however they see fit. Sponsored rooms and forums work on one basic policy: Behave. These rooms and forums could be monitored for language. If so, you will be warned to cease the language before you are banned from the room or removed from the forum area.

Acceptable Usage Policy

Our website is regulated under Texas state and federal law. Our services should not be used for any business related attempts. Spam, porn, incest or anything deemed obscene or not trustworthy can and will be removed. UnFocused staff reserves the right to limit any user's ability to access any part of the service for any reason including no reason at all. We also reserve the right to remove any content on the site, including blogs, forums and chat rooms for any reason including no reason at all.

Children Online Privacy Protection Act of 1993 (COPPA)

A link to the COPPA

It is the duty of UnFocused staff to uphold the COPPA guidelines in its entirety. This is US Federal Law. All members who register for our website are considered to be the age of thirteen (13) years or older. Any regular member who is the age of twelve (12) or younger will be removed from the service immediately, and their user account will be suspended. In the future, UnFocused will be opening a "kids only" section for those under the age of twelve (12) in which their parents agree to them being on this service. In order for a member age twelve (12) or younger to be legally registered on the UnFocused website, the following conditions must be met:'s A.D.D. Radio and Subtending

UnFocused releases any liability for any material released from the A.D.D. Radio and the UnFocused Voice Server (UVS). Users who participate in these areas must agree to at least one of the following conditions: (a) At or over the age of eighteen (18). (b) If younger than eighteen (18), has parental consent to be on this section of UnFocused. (c) Is not easily offended about the content delivered through these mediums. The UnFocused A.D.D. Radio will have content that is not appropriate for the easily shamed or offended. If you are easily offended by sexual content, coarse language or any other type of innuendo that is considered "risque" please leave the area immediately. The UVS is controlled by users in a real-time fashion and is unmonitored.

Email Policy

The official communication method from UnFocused to you, the user, is by email. We require that you keep a valid email address on file for better communication. We will not use or sell your email for any third party business, but we may email you to let you know what about upcoming changes or events. Most of the "advertising" emails (those emails which tell you of events, etc) can be blocked by adjusting your profile settings. On every email, it will tell you which mailing list it came from so you can log in and adjust these settings as necessary. There will be emails that you cannot block such as policy violation emails and ToU updates. If we send you an email, and the email is rejected back to us, your account will be suspended immediately for violation of this agreement. Any suspended email address will continue to receive emails by the ticket system.

Cancellation Policy

Local and federal laws require us to keep any account on file for seven (7) or more years. Therefore, we cannot cancel accounts, we will only suspend access.

A Final Word

UnFocused believes in two things: keeping people UnFocused, and keeping people safe. Our goal is to provide the best alternative service, offering many activities and reasons to be on this site under the safest environment possible. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions with our Terms of Usage, or about UnFocused itself, please visit our support department (the “Support” tab at the top of your screen) and raise a ticket. Our staff is here to help answer any questions and elevate suggestions and ideas to the appropriate administrator. UnFocused is always looking for great staff volunteers on many levels. No experience is necessary. Check our application center for more information!

ToU was last updated May 21, 2012.