Welcome to the UnFocused.org Chat Network. Operators are available in the HelpDesk for your convenience. If nobody is available in the HelpDesk, please Open a Support Ticket

Users are able to create their own chat room which they can control. Users are also encouraged to join the official UnFocused chat rooms.

The creator of a chat room controls all aspects of the chat. Their names are in Bold red. Room creators will be able to appoint Admins and Leaders

Room Leaders control the flow of chat and are able to kick/ban chatters based on the room's rules. UnFocused does not intervene on kicks or bans unless requested by a channel creator.

Room Admins will be able to control the room's properties such as topic, moderation, auditorium, invite only, etc. Admins can also override a Leader's access entries.

Spectators are users in a chat room that can watch the chat, but cannot participate.

Another level of user are known as "IRCOPS" or "Power Ops." We call them NOC (Network Operations Center) Staff. NOC Staff names are listed in bold black. NOC staff work directly for UnFocused.org and help assist running the network. Their levels are:

Guide: A Guide's primary job is to run the HelpDesk and keep an eye on the UnFocused sponsored rooms. They are an end user's primary point of contact during a conflict and your liasion between UnFocused Hosting Staff and higher level NOC Staff.

Sysop: A Sysop's primary job is to patrol the network ensuring everything is within our Code of Conduct and Terms of Usage listed here. A Sysop has the power to ban users from the entire network as well as place higher level bans in rooms than a Creator can. A Sysop can also completely close a user created room for violations of our Terms of Service and Code of Conduct. Sysops will generally be the person to enter a User Created Room to assist if needed, however chatters must go through a Guide first.

Admin: An Admin's primary job is to monitor the server's health and is a manager of the network. All Guides and Sysops have an Admin as their manager.

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